Getting Ready for Back to School

Thinking about the number of times I’ve prepared to send my children back to school and what would be my best piece of advice…It always goes back to visuals!  Visual schedules are not just for children with special needs.  We all use visuals whether it’s a day planner, a calendar on your phone or sticky notes.  Why wouldn’t we offer that for our kids?  Kids love to have something that is just for them, it increases their independence, and reduces your having to nag! Win win!!

How to get started? You can make a visual schedule yourself with your phone and a printer.  Take pictures of the tasks your kids have to complete in the morning and print them out.    Easy Daysies is a ready to go visual schedule and I saw them in Superstore last week.  The work is done for you! There are lots of examples and I have a document here on where to get free visuals.  I’ve also written a blog post Top 5 Reasons to use Visuals.  How can you tell I’m passionate about visuals??

So get the kids ready with their schedule, then of course you have to have the ultimate family calendar to keep everyone’s activities in order.  I color code every person with my sharpie markers.  Heaven help you if you touch my Sharpie markers😊 I have the Mom’s Ultimate calendar, wall version.  It is 12×12 and one month spans the two pages.  I find it’s not too big but big enough.  Some of the other ones on the market are huge!

The efficiency experts may not agree with all of my calendars but then I have my Passion Planner!  This is more than a day timer.  I keep track of my extracurriculars, yes Momma can have a life too, goals, future planning and more.  Plus it is so pretty!  They have come out with a reusable cover for 2018 and then you just replace the calendar each year.  I will have to order mine soon.  I only have to settle on a colour, there are so many to choose from!



Please share what visuals you use to keep yourself and family organized, I would love to hear them.  Happy planning!!

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